Postpartum Planning

You’ve prepared for the birth, but have you planned for what comes next?

There’s a huge divide between planning for birth and planning for postpartum – also known as the fourth trimester. The utmost of attention when pregnant, is focused predominantly on birth. We’re bombarded with media images and movies of women screaming and writhing in pain – not knowing what to expect can be scary and so birth is planned and prepared for.

But what happens after the birth? Life has forever changed and it can come as quite a shock. The fourth trimester isn’t often acknowledged in our society. Preparing for the fourth trimester is essential to recovery and healing after birth, allowing you to grow into the person you want to become through this transitional time.

All postpartum packages include an in-home planning session with planner.

How To Use This Planner

This planner is divided by the week for six weeks – the fourth trimester. It’s been left intentionally short so as not to overwhelm, yet informational enough to allow you to really consider what would be beneficial to you and serve you best in this new role. It’s not a rigid plan to stick to but serves as a gentle reminder of how you’d like to be taken care of.

The topics covered include:

  • Postpartum Foods
  • Creating Your Village
  • Self-Care
  • Prioritising Rest
  • Babywearing
  • Intimacy After Birth

Read these first (and include your partner/ support team) then discuss the topics further. There’s an intentionally blank page in each weeks section to jot down notes on the subject: what you do and don’t like, how you can incorporate some practices, what you need to stock up on and who you’ll invite into your space to help serve you. Once you’ve figured out the perfect scenario for you, write it all down on the weekly tracker, broken into three parts – Self Care, My Support This Week & My Meal Log.

Lastly, there’s a page for reflections each week, a resource list at the back and a daily planner with gentle reminders of simple self & couple care. If you’ve chosen the printed and bound option, your daily planner is unbound and laminated to place on your fridge/ keep in sight.