One of the greatest tools you can utilise in the newborn phase (3.5kg) and beyond is babywearing. Studies show that holding baby close to you decreases their crying by as much as 43% overall and 51% in the evening hours! Using a carrier is the easiest way for you to hold your baby comfortably for an extended period of time. Baby wearing encourages the production of nurturing hormones which increases your ability to read and respond to your baby’s cues, and can help to reduce postpartum depression. There are various carriers available on the market and you might be left wondering which one is best for you and your baby. I offer a range of carriers that can be tried on before purchasing to get a feel for what suits you and your baby best. These include Leather Baby Co Ring Slings, Neko Meh Dais & Neko Switch Buckle Carriers, Ankalia Swift Soft Structured Buckle Carrier & Onbuhimo. Already have a carrier but need help tweaking it for optimum safety and comfort? Book a consult and lets get you feeling confident with your carrier!

Both the complete and basic postnatal packages includes a consultation and Leather Baby Co Linen Ring Sling in the colour of your choice.

Pictured: Leather Co Ring Sling in Blush with Gold Rings. Neko Meh Dai and Neko Switch, both in Royal Diva Print