It’s Consistent Work & Nurturing.

Dear Michelle

You are the mother of three beautiful children. You need to listen to older generations, take advice if you wish but always listen to your heart as you are the mum of these children and you have achieved so much by making these lives – it’s consistent work and nurturing, a full time job to say the least.

You need to adjust quickly to your children’s processes as change is constantly occurring and these hearts/ souls  that you made and gave birth to will grow up very quickly, so if you give LOVE, show good examples, don’t expect too much but guide and always be there for your children, they soon learn to know that you LOVE them. You will soon learn Michelle that you need to get with the program! There is no manual just your gut instincts but mother’s always know so go with the flow.

You need to always remain non judgmental because if you don’t it will come and bite you on the bottom, believe me!

Never judge your children’s friends, ever. Instead support them if they need some help.

You need to remind your children to respect all cultures as we live in a multi – cultural world and we must always respect others beliefs. You can agree to disagree but be mindful of the outcome of that, so be selective when you make opinions and always be understanding of others situations.

Teach your children to not be selfish and be grateful for what they have.

Money won’t buy LOVE, you as a mum Michelle need to earn that. That is imperative Michelle.  You must always listen to them and assist in all matters that crop up.

Display what your expectations are to the best of your ability.

If you set good boundaries Michelle from the start you will get awesome adults from that.

Let your children be children, let them get dirty, be creative and nurture their individual souls.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, HUG, HUG,HUG and you will gain a lot of love back but remember to let them spread their wings and be there to catch them if they fall.

Life is a process, so let them blend to their unique moulds.

Most of all Michelle, live in the NOW with your children, not the past. Make each moment count because in the blink of an eye your children become adults just like you.

From my Postnatal Self

Michelle White ( Mum to Tim, age 30, Jackson, age 21, Lucy, age 19 )

Age 55 now.

Michelle lives on the NSW coast and with 30 years postpartum under her belt has some sage tidbits – my favourite is the reminder to live in the moment. The early months postpartum can be rough, but it ends. You won’t enjoy every moment (and if you do, that’s great!) but it eventually ends so don’t get too caught up on wishing it away. Surrender to it all and grow into the person you want to be – this transitional time is an opportunity for you to grow – a rebirth of sorts. Thank you Michelle for your letter.

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